Our Spirits Are Eternal, Brilliant, and Limitless

There are three keys to understand the metaphysical world.

  • Our spirits are eternal, brilliant, and limitless.
  • We are all connected on a spiritual level to everyone on the planet and everyone who every lived on the planet.
  • Love is the only thing of value we can take with us when we die and move from lifetime to lifetime. We can also take along wounds. Our job is to find a way to heal the wounds, so that we can share our limitless brilliance with the world.

That is a lot to take in. I will explain each point in it’s own post, starting with:
Our spirits are eternal, brilliant, and limitless.

This means that even if you die a horrible death as a martyr, a soldier, or a victim of religious or gang violence your soul will go on. No amount of brutality can erase the truth. Unfortunately, the people who perform the brutality don’t want to believe that, so they keep trying it. We as loving beings can erase brutality and poverty, if we as individuals choose to do that.

You know the way. If you are stuck right now, look at the following list and choose an idea that resonates with you.

  • Work with groups that help children or the needy.
  • Learn mediation skills and anti-bully skills. Use those skills and step in whenever you see people in conflict.
  • Interact with the political structure and let them know what you want them to focus on. Everybody has time to write an email or make a phone call.
  • Register to vote and vote. Help others to register and get to the polls. The wealthy try to sway elections with their money. Stand up to wealth and vote for what is right. According to FairVote.Orgabout 60% of voters turn out in presidential election years and roughly 40% turn out for the mid terms. The big money people count on people giving up and not trying. Why make it easy for them?
  • If you don’t have time to do political work or direct work with those in need, give money to charities who have “boots on the ground” to do the work.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

So what are you going to do with your brilliant and important life? I know it may sounds strange, but the time I have spent helping others has been the best time of my life.